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ü Preliminary Report  

Along with the documents required during the applications for the licensed HEPP projects and 500 kW HEPP project, prepare the preliminary reports and provide their applications to the relevant authorities.

 ü Pre- feasibility

For the HEPP projects the pre-feasibility work will be prepared in accordance with the following objectives.

Ø       Prepare the pre-feasibility work in the EK-3A format which is required during the applications for DSİ Table-2 and Table-7 projects.

Ø       During the transfer or crediting of the licensed HEPP licenses in order to decide for the credit institutions and take a correct investment decision, we prepare the pre-feasibility study.

 ü Final Feasibility 

For the HEPP projects, the feasibility reports are prepared in EK-3 format requested by DSİ and in conformity with the Water Use Agreement. In addition, in order to have investor firms and the financial institutions taking a correct investment decision, an HEPP feasibility work is performed. During the preparation of the feasibility report, the details of the works done by MİRSU are presented as follows:

       Ø       Field study performed on the project area

Ø       Review the hydrology work with the up-dated data

Ø       Review the flooding work

Ø       Optimization by using diversion weir place flow in the structures dimensioning

Ø       Slope optimization by using diversion weir place flow in the channel and tunnel optimization

Ø       b/h proportion optimization for the Channel/Tunnel

Ø       Exploitation work, based on PMUM values performing the current year

Ø   Based on detailed drawings of the estimations the investment cost of the project and detailed economical analysis is done by using the up-dated Unit Prices and the market Unit prices.

ü Final Project Work 

For the HEPP projects, the final projects are prepared with optimum conceptions in conformity with the Ministry of Energy and General Directorate of DSİ format.
During the Final Project, the services provided by our company are presented respectively as follows.

Field Study

Before starting the Final Project work, field study is performed in the project area.

Alternatives and Revised Feasibility Work

Following the field study, the hydrology study and project optimization are done and the investor firm is offered with the alternatives related to the project. For each alternative the optimum dimension is determined and the approximate investment cost is calculated by using the up-dated Unit Prices and the market Unit prices and in connection with this an economical analysis work is performed. Afterward, following the meeting with the investor firm, a detailed feasibility work on which a decision was taken is presented to the investor.  

Final Project Preparation

Following the optimization works, the final project is completed and presented to the Ministry of Energy and to the Regional Directorates of DSİ.

Follow-up works on the Project

All the project follow up works during the approval process of the Final Projects presented to the Ministry of Energy and to the Regional Directorates of DSİ.


ü Application Project

We, as MİRSU engineering, we are happy to make a difference by transferring our expertise to our projects in the Hydroelectric Energy Power Plants which are completed and actually working now. The application projects in conformity to the work program, the projects of the building planned to be constructed as per the work program, are delivered a certain time before the construction of that building starts.