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ü Electromechanical Equipment Supply

As a company, we are the distributor of Chinese Hunan Xuefeng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturer (for detailed information: http://en.xfhydro.com) in Turkish Market. For Hydroelectric Power Plant projects, we provide turbine, generator and electro-mechanical equipment for the economic, robust, reliable solutions. In addition, to supply the best supply for the Electromechanical Equipment most suitable to the hydro electrical power plant projects. .


Ø       Preparation of the turbine and generator specification.

Ø       Preparation of the electric manufacturing works specification

Ø       Preparation of electromechanical manufacturing services both in English and Turkish.

Ø       Installation and testing of equipment elektromechanic equipment


ü Assembly of the Electromechanical Equipment and Testing

On-site assembly and test of the electromechanical equipments brought in a safe way from the overseas.


ü Partnership Signing Ceremany in China



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